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    • May 13
      From the USSCB teaching on Faithful Citizenship: “A legal system that violates the basic right to life on the grounds of choice is fundamentally flawed,” Since we can’t deny that the malignancy of abortion has reached even more deeply into our society than we realized a decade ago, we must redouble our efforts to pray and fast in reparation. And we must choose other courses of action that help us live according to what we now see.
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    • May 10
      The remedy for this precarious situation is for Catholic school administrators, along with supportive parents and teachers, to stare down the secular mob and respond with a clear, Catholic message: “Yes, we hear you on the need to combat racism and promote justice. But we will do so on our terms, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ which have been entrusted to the Catholic Church that sponsors this school. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Any program that does not place Him at the center is destined to fail. We will not adopt programs of identity that pit students against each other. No. We will use prayer, sacraments, the Bible, and the Catechism to transform our students into saints. This is the only path to lasting justice.”
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    • May 9
      "I'm sharing all this with you to say that on Mother's Day, let us remember the unique role a mother and father have passing on the faith by word and example. It can't be outsourced to a parochial school or religious education! Those wonderful teachers and catechists are great partners in your child's faith formation but not substitutes or replacements. I don't want my Mother's Day message to sound like a reprimand but rather the opposite. Never underestimate what you do as parents can do to bring your children to Christ to become real disciples. Remember, they will most likely imitate the faith they see you practicing; you are their model."
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    • May 5
      Catholics will be forced to take a stand and “pick sides” in the figurative battle, she said. “We know that God is in charge and that He’s far greater than the devil,” said Sister Byrne. “It is He that’s going to make things better. And so we have to be just there, prayer warriors and be battle ready.”
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    • May 4
      Catholics need to recognize that sometimes councils succeed, and sometimes they fail. A common misconception among Catholics is that the Holy Spirit guides every aspect of ecumenical councils; therefore, all councils are “successful.” This is not Catholic teaching. The Holy Spirit acts primarily as a protector—He protects the deposit of faith by ensuring that no council can definitively declare heresy as Catholic truth. It’s a negative, not a positive, protection.
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  • Making Sundays Sunday Again

  • Power of Prayer

    Continue the habits of Lent.  Begin or interrupt your day with some guided reflections that will increase your faith and relationship with Christ.

    Consider partciipating in regular Novenas.
    Consider downloading the Hallow App

    Join us the 13th of each month, at 8:30am, at the Fatima Shrine at St. Catharine's in Spring Lake for our monthly Rosary

  • The Year of St. Joseph

    Throughout the year we strive to honor
    St. Joseph as the guardian and protector of the Church and her faithful with heartfelt prayer and devotion, encouraging all to take his virtuous life as our model for fulfilling our personal vocation to holiness.
    Consider a Consecration to St. Joseph as well. 
    A resource for all things St. Joseph

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  • Faith at home resources

    A great start is the list of resources here. Explore the various offerings. Enjoy!

    For the young ones, enjoy BLESSED a great animated offering from Dynamic Catholic
    There is content for all ages in the Faith at Home section of Formed.org. 
    Puzzles and Activities here
    Metanoia is a beautifully written and filmed faith journey created by Father Dave and Fransiscan University.  They have more at Wildgoose.tv
    For local flavor, Father Chris Dayton
    More Local Flavor (with Rapping) Father Dave
    How about some couple time? You would do well to enjoy Better Together at Dynamic Catholic.

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