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    “Follow me..." “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”
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    • March 23
      What young people need most right now is not so much understanding, compassion, antidepressants, or therapy; they need a good belly laugh, preferably at their own expense. A good start would be for them to watch the skit “Stop it” by Bob Newhart, one of the last of that tradition of great comedians. Check it out on YouTube; it’s a good laugh and good therapy.
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    • March 21
      The second, equally sad, misunderstanding is to fail to see that any possibility for “social justice” depends on strong, stable families within which the virtues can be developed. This mistake is especially inexcusable given the prominent place the family occupies in every major Church document on social justice...As these documents point out, and as Pope John Paul II repeated unceasingly, it’s in the family that we learn the faith and develop the virtues. It’s in the family that we learn to care for others rather than merely about ourselves. Without strong families, we can no more have strong communities characterized by mutual concern for the common good than you can have a healthy body with unhealthy cells filled with toxic chemicals.
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    • February 9
      To be a member of the Church means to place Christ at the center of all things. Every work of the Church – her teachings, sacraments, and governance – is ultimately intended for this purpose, to make her members better followers of Christ. To view the Church as having any other purpose (social justice, political advocacy, environmental activism, etc.) is to misunderstand and misrepresent her.
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    • February 1
      Pastoral accompaniment of those who are mistaken must be rooted in Jesus. He didn’t hide the truth or exempt those innocently in error from needing to change their hearts and minds. He called everyone to undertake the metanoia of laying aside both sin and error in order to live freer and richer lives in Him. Christ proclaimed the truth compassionately and hopefully, promising to be with us and to make fidelity possible regardless of circumstance. He knew many listeners would feel confused or judged and that some would leave, but He insisted there’s no other path to life.
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    • January 27
      From Alain Oliver at the "Love and Fidelity Network." Why is it, as Time Magazine notes, that parents, who ostensibly feel parenthood is the most meaningful aspect of their lives, would rank other goods like financial stability and job satisfaction as more important for their children? 
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  • Bp. Barron's Lent Reflections

    • Friday, March 24, 2023
      by Bishop Robert Barron
      In so many spiritual traditions, the emphasis is placed on the human quest for God, but this is reversed in Christianity.
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  • The Essential Family

    Wisdom from Monsignor Pope

    Struggles: Yet what should be obvious seems to be strangely absent from the minds of many. Marriage and family are in crisis in our culture due to the willfully sinful habits of many adults in the areas of sexuality, marriage and family life. 

    Strategy: What are we to do? Preach the word! 

    We must be prepared to unambiguously repropose the wisdom of God’s word to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

    Children deserve and have the right to expect two parents, a father and mother, committed to each other until death do they part. 

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