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    “Follow me..." “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”
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    • December 2
      Recently, a listener wrote in about some challenges that he and his wife faced together. They committed, he said, to faithfully serving God in “a Gospel-centered, imago Dei-affirming way.” That’s a wonderful way to describe what we must commit to as followers of Christ, what churches should strive for in discipling couples and families, and what we can offer a world so confused about what marriage is.
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    • November 28
      This Biblical view also clarifies our purpose. We should strive to build a just society, to care for the sick and to help the poor. That’s what Christians have done throughout history more than anyone else. But we do those things as expressions of faith, as works of mercy, not because we think we can perfect this world. Bending the arc of history is not our job. We seek not to perfect things here but to remain faithful to that great event in the past as we look to its fulfillment in the future.
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    • November 24
      This Thanksgiving, therefore, should remind our families what is at the heart of the culture war — and it is a “culture” war because what is at stake here is who society will worship — Christ or anti-Christ? This Thanksgiving has deeper meaning because it is a call to us Catholics to return to what makes us world-changers — a dynamic Eucharistic life — a life that gives thanks (eucharisteo) to God for everything because everything we have is a gift from God. A society centered on giving thanks to God for everything is a society that will be saved by God.
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    • November 20
      Ours is a world peculiarly starved for beauty. We must be vessels of beauty, that is, of the beauty that does not originate with us, but that inspirits us and transforms us, best when we ourselves are not aware of it. We must pray the prayer of that old Eucharistic hymn: Sweet Sacrament, we Thee adore! O make us love Thee more and more, O make us love Thee more and more.
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    • November 18
      Latin Mass attendees aren’t the only ones clamoring over the traditional elements of Catholicism. A recent New York Times article documents the growing interest in traditional Catholic aesthetics, ritual and practice among hip, young New Yorkers — some of whom might not even believe. Borrowing a phrase from Bill Hader’s popular Saturday Night Live character Stefon, the piece argues that “New York’s hottest club” these days is the Catholic Church, attractive due to the “transgressive glamour” of its status quo defying traditionalism. Another recent article in Vox highlighted a similar trend, claiming that Catholic culture’s “alt” and “campy” sensibility “pairs well with this precise moment,” when young people are disillusioned with the drab cultural imaginary of secular humanism.
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  • Bp. Barron's Advent Reflections

    • Friday, December 9, 2022
      by Bishop Robert Barron
      The Eucharist is what we do in the in-between times, between the death of the Lord and his coming in glory.
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  • The Essential Family

    Wisdom from Monsignor Pope

    Struggles: Yet what should be obvious seems to be strangely absent from the minds of many. Marriage and family are in crisis in our culture due to the willfully sinful habits of many adults in the areas of sexuality, marriage and family life. 

    Strategy: What are we to do? Preach the word! 

    We must be prepared to unambiguously repropose the wisdom of God’s word to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

    Children deserve and have the right to expect two parents, a father and mother, committed to each other until death do they part. 

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